Monday, November 13, 2006



Blogger Cali said...

wow !

13/11/06 02:51  
Blogger Jafar said...

Holy f..k!!!! Its splendid...Took me quite a while to realise these were not photographs....Incredible details, lovely colors...Just brilliant!!! I love mountains, specially snow-capped ones!!

13/11/06 05:49  
Blogger Jafar said...

...Cant keep my eyes off the third one......amazing!!!!

13/11/06 05:50  
Blogger Todd Harris said...

wow, these are great. nice blog you have here. i will keep coming back. you have a great ability.

14/11/06 06:06  
Blogger jesukiran said...


no words Grigory.....three amazing post :)

14/11/06 07:40  
Blogger Virgy said...

Hello Grigory your art is very beautiful love very much your enviroments!!

15/11/06 01:48  
Blogger belinha said...

Are these photso or paintings?!!!Paintings, digital?!!Amazing!:-)Congrats on your talent!

19/11/06 13:20  
Blogger belinha said...

Hello Grigory!Saw that you stopped by my blog!Thank you!I'm honoured by your words!:-)

28/11/06 13:27  
Blogger Nathan Lindsay said...

oh, nice. The colors in these are just beautiful. excellent job.

12/2/07 11:13  

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