Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rolly.Elfins forest.


Blogger bog_art said...

Your work is gorgeous!!.. I would like to manage the color in the same way than you.. thanks for sharing..

26/2/08 16:40  
Blogger jesukiran said...

both painting are truly great,...especially i like the color one.

28/2/08 08:13  
Blogger Grigory Lozinsky said...

Dear friends,thank for your comments!

Evil Forces transform this magic elfin`s wood into a stone wood and, then, at the end of film it again returns to life. It was necessary to find the Heart of Peace for it. It was the mission of Rollies.That`s why the first name of this film was "Quest for a Heart".

29/2/08 07:44  
Blogger bog_art said...

Wow!!.. thanks for the explanation.. I didn't know that story..

3/3/08 19:34  
Blogger Alina Chau said...


5/3/08 12:08  
Blogger Lena said...

Гриша! Спасибо большое за твою помощь!Необыкновенное чувство присутствия в твоих работах!!

4/4/08 04:35  
Blogger pearl said...

Beautiful! So magical! Прекрасно! Волшебно!

31/5/08 06:13  

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