Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sketches for animation project


Blogger Michael said...

Some great work here, Grigory.
I especially like the down shot through the leaves (top).

30/4/08 15:03  
Blogger Daniel Ljunggren said...

absolutely beautiful! I'm stunned by all your work. Love the top one in the post the most, thanks for sharing!

1/5/08 00:03  
Blogger bog_art said...

These backgrounds are just awesome!.. all of them have a fantastic chromatic work and detail level!.. I love the deep effect you got.. what program did you use to animated it?.. wonderful!..

1/5/08 12:44  
Blogger the art of Dejan Ostojic said...

Very nice work. Love everything colors, compositions and especially how you blend this beautiful house design with environment.

5/5/08 13:51  
Blogger victoriaying said...

wow! seriously beautiful backgrounds!

6/5/08 21:22  
Blogger Sandra Khoo said...

More wonderful works. WOW! I wish I could color as good as you one day.

7/5/08 12:58  
Blogger Nikki Lukas said...

really awesome work!

8/5/08 22:49  
Blogger bog_art said...

Thanks for answering my question!.. now I know I will have to learn more about after effects.. haha.. it is all an honor your visit to myblog..

9/5/08 07:08  
Blogger Alina Chau said...


13/5/08 21:08  
Blogger Armand Serrano said...

These are fantastic pieces. Truly enjoyed browsing through your blog.

13/5/08 21:52  

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